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Personal Services

Computer Consultants, Inc. has a wide range of technical and training support services for our residential clients.  3 major components that help our clients are:

  • The Guru Squad: Our highly skilled experts will come to you providing onsite services.
  • Remote Connection:  We can connect to your pc remotely troubleshooting and correcting your computer issue.
  • Phone Support: We provide phone support to customers who need support quickly. 

Computer Consultants, Inc. has a believe system that creates an on-going relationship with customers.   Also, we believe in keeping our customers satisfied by providing good technical and training support.  

Computer Consultants will also provide training on any software package to meet your specific needs. Our training objective is to provide highly trained personnel, hands on examples, independent exercises, this manual for your in-class and after-class reference, and plenty time for questions and answers.

Computer Consultants, Inc.  recognizes the investment its clients have made in computers and other technology. We have a technical support team that is ready to serve your specific needs. Our nationwide tech support team will allow us to support you on and off-site.