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Frequently asked questions
Question: Why won’t my computer turn on?
    • Check to see if your power cord is unplugged in the back of your pc. 
    • Also check to see if your computer has an on/off switch.  Make sure the switch is on.
    • Make sure your monitor is turn on.
Question:  What can I do to get my computer connected to the internet at home.
    • Call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to check your internet connection.
    • Make sure your Ethernet cable is plug in.
    • Check your modem to see if your lights are on.
Question:  Why is my printer not working with my new computer?
    • Check to see if your printer is compatible with your Operating System.
    • Check for downloads and updates from your hardware manufacturer.
    • Make sure your printer is turned on.
Question:   Why can’t my software load on my computer?
    • Make sure you have enough memory to run the program.
    • Make sure its compatible with your Operating System.
    • You may have a virus on your computer that could be preventing the installation.
Question:  How can I remove a virus off my pc?
    • Run a virus scan with your existing antivirus software.
    • Have a technician format your hard drive and reinstall your Operating System and applications.
    • Download virus removal tool for your specific virus.