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Training Classes
In 1995, Computer Consultants, Inc.was established to provide the finest personal computer training and support.  Computer Consultants, Inc. feature small and large classes to increase the knowledge of the computer user.  Computer Consultants will also provide training on any software package to meet your specific needs. Our training objective is to provide highly trained personnel, hands on examples, independent exercises, this manual for your in-class and after-class reference, and plenty time for questions and answers.
  If you have a request for any other computer or software related packages please contact a representative of Computer Consultants, Inc.  Let Computer Consultants, Inc. guides you in the world of technology.

Introduction to Microcomputers
This course will introduce you to the basic concepts of personal computer systems.  Because personal computers are an integral part of today’s society, and a major investment.  It is important to have a basic understanding of how computers operate.  No prior knowledge of computers is required to understand presented in this class.
Intro $110.00 Offeres beginners...and 4 credit hours
Intermediate $150.00 Offers experienced students...and 4 credit hours

Advanced $175.00 Offers professionals...and 4 credit hours